Sage Nonprofit Infographics

I designed a series of infographics for Sage Nonprofit Solutions, now acquired by Abila. Sage provided nonprofits, associations and government agencies fund accounting and membership management solutions. I was the sole graphic designer for the Inbase Marketing, Lead Generation, and Product Marketing Teams.

With a strong digital marketing presence, these marketing teams had several needs to visually communicate their products’ capabilities to increase sales, as well as visually communicate results from online surveys, email marketing, and social media in order to educate and promote their brand. The infographics I designed were a success and impactful in accomplishing their needs. My infographics were published online and in Non-Profit organization magazines.

Each infographic required a specific methodology. First, I worked closely with various Sage Teams to learn about the acquired data and determine how to display the information and brand accurately. Then I designed the layout and illustrated the graphics using informational hierarchy to simplify heavy information. All in all, I aimed to tell a story and make it appealing. Ultimately, my designs promoted the Sage story and brand.


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